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Beharangozó - Candy J. Starr: Too Many Rock Stars {Nyereményjáték}


Újabb beharangozóval érkeztem, megint csak egy New adult románc került terítékre. A posztban megtaláljátok a fülszöveget, egy részletet a könyvből, illetve nemzetközi giveawayben 25$-os Amazon ajándékkártyát nyerhettek!



Nem randizok rockerekkel. Nem fekszem le velük. Még nyálat sem vagyok hajlandó cserélni velük. Elég régóta dolgozom a Trouble-ben, és szervezek le bandákat ahhoz, hogy tudjam, milyen elcseszett, egoista seggfejekből álló bagázs ez. Néhánya elsőre talán normálisnak tűnnek, de az is csak azért van, mert megtanulták jobban rejtegetni, mint a többiek.
És ez rendben is volna, ha Razer nem bukkanna fel állandóan az irodámban, és nem lenne olyan átkozottul vonzó. És amikor a bőrbe burkolt Alex felbukkan a városban, csak még nyomulósabbá válik.
Amíg ezek ketten egymással versenyeznek a rockos tündöklésért és a vonzalmamaért, én ott ragadtam középen, és rohadtul meg akarom menteni a munkám és a klubot.
És pont ez a probléma az életemmel: túl sok rocksztár. 

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Exkluzív részlet

From off stage, a screech of guitar rang out. The cheers started, like a wall of crazy anticipation. Then Alex appeared, flooded in red light like something preternatural. Cheers turned to screams, high pitched squeals, as every woman in the room imagined unwrapping the present in those skin-tight pants.
"I'd do him," Carlie said. "Well, if you don't want him."
As the full band burst into noise, I couldn't answer her. This was amazing. Chills ran down my spine just with the way he worked that guitar. Carlie gripped my arm, jumping up and down. I pulled ahead, pushing for the front. No point standing back being cool. I wanted to be part of this. Alex swelled and took up all the oxygen in the room. It was like we were breathing him in and he was becoming part of us.
For all his crazed perfectionism, he was a god up there. A leather-clad god with jet black hair, dominating the stage. Taking every single person into the palm of his hand and squeezing every drop of emotion from them.
"Holy shit," Carlie screamed.
We got buffeted by the crowd until we reached a spot near the stage, just as Alex went into that slow, tear-jerker song that got everyone right in their heart. His soulful eyes swept the crowd and I swear one girl at least fainted, then they settled on me. I held my breath wondering if he could actually see me in this crowd. For that moment, I wanted him to see me, for his eyes to be for me alone.
Something larger than life was happening up there on stage and down amongst the crowd. This was a band that was going places, much bigger places than our little club, that's for sure. Alex had star quality and he had the brains to back it up. At times, you could see that brain ticking over. The way he'd seek out someone in the crowd and let his gaze linger there a moment too long, or the way a song would build up and then he'd pull it back, keeping the crowd on edge. That edge of calculation was always going on, manipulating every thread of emotion.
Of course, most people didn't notice that, they were happy to be swept up in the game he played without thinking about it too much but, for me, the stakes were higher than most.
I spend the rest of the set in a daze, not knowing what he'd do next. He finished up, sweat drenched in a way that made every woman want to be his towel, and his eyes sparkling with a light to dazzle the world.
Carlie grabbed my hand for the last song. I knew without her saying, she didn't want this to be the last song. She didn't want it to end.
Then, finally, silence.
We walked to the bar, not saying a word. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea.
"We're never going to get a drink here, let's go downstairs."
"What the hell was that?" Carlie said. "That wasn't human."
"I know."
"I guess that settles things. You aren't even going to look at Razer after that."
I wondered. Alex was amazing. More than amazing. He'd done things to me, to my body, that no one had ever done before with just his voice, but that was him there on stage and me in the audience. That wasn't flesh and blood him, everyday him, who you'd wake up to every morning. Alex was made to perform. He became another person on stage. Is that really what I wanted?
"How was he?" Drew asked when we got downstairs.
"There are no words," Carlie replied. "He was amazing. Hey, Mark, a couple of vodkas over here if you don't mind?"
Mark got our drinks and slapped them down in front of us. "I'm going on break," he said. "You cover me."
Carlie sipped her drink then slowly got up.
"Bastard," she said. "He could've let me finish my drink. What the hell would he do if I didn’t come in here on my night off?"
I sat alone thinking about the night and this stupid competition. Alex was dazzling and we had so much in common. He definitely had the numbers. Razer would have to work like hell to beat him. If I was going to date a rocker, then Alex was the rational choice. The two of us together, we'd work. While Razer, that was just chaos waiting to happen.
I just needed to convince my heart that common sense was best.

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