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Beharangozó - Niko McQueen: Deranged {Nyereményjáték}


Ezúttal egy felnőtt MM románc beharangozójával érkeztem, ami az Ivy Hollow Chronicles első kötete.
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Adam Rossmore egy gazgad partifiú, aki senkinek sem tartozik felelősséggel. Túl régóta játssza ki állandóan az árva kártyát, és ez mindenféle bajból kihúzta őt - részeg vezetés, letartóztatás, bírság, egyik sem számított.
Egészen mostanáig.
Amikor egy bíró közmunkára ítéli egy elmegyógyintézetben, Ivy Hollowban, Adam azt hiszi, az egész csak vicc.
Amíg be nem zárják mögötte az ajtót, és találkozik a lakókkal.
Christian Hale egész életében Ivy Hollowban élt. A zenéjében lel vigaszt.
Amikor Adam először hallja Christiant zongorázni, a zene magával ragadja őt, és meg kell küzdenie az egyszerre izgalmas és összezavaró vonzalommal. 

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Exkluzív részlet

Zach chuckled like he’d just found a secret hallway that led to the Glee backlot. “Oh, you’d be surprised.” He wagged his eyebrows and bit his lower lip in an awkward impression of a seductive hooker.
“Dude. We have got to work on your moves. If not, you’re seriously going to die a virgin.”
Zachary’s face fell and Adam felt bad. “Sorry, but it’s true. Not even gay men are going to fall for that . . . Christ, they’re probably harder to please than women.”
He shuddered and slid his chair beneath the desk. “Not possible. Chicks are a no win.”
Adam laughed and they wandered down the hall toward the cafeteria. A sudden chill raced over his arms and yanked him to a stop. He grabbed Zach’s forearm and pulled him to a stop, then glanced over his shoulder.
Sure enough, Christian stood halfway down the darkened hall on the far side of the station. Adam forced his attention to stay on the upper half of Christian’s body. He’d pulled that dark sheet of hair back into a ponytail and wore a button-down white shirt, untucked, cuffs unbuttoned. He may or may not have had the same dark jeans on, but Adam wasn’t about to look any closer. Even without dropping his gaze, he could tell that Christian was in his bare feet. The urge to look was nearly more than he could bear. A deep need to see if they were as slender and perfect as his fingers coiled tightly in Adam’s belly until it filled the space and extended lower. Adam felt like a sixth-grader peering into the girls’ locker room. He had to get out of here.
Zachary pulled out of his grip and marched down the hall toward Christian, shooing him away like a stray puppy. “You know you’re not supposed to be wandering around.”
Adam flinched. He didn’t feel good about Zachary’s unprovoked attack on Christian. Yelling at a psycho didn’t seem like the best policy. But he didn’t want to chase after Zach and get any closer to Christian, either. Christian’s gaze never left Adam’s, not even when Zach got within feet of him. He melted into the shadow and Zach stopped, hands on his hips.
“I’m serious, Christian. When we get back from dinner, you’d better be back in your room.”
Adam wasn’t about to fidget under the scrutiny, but he could feel the intense heat like Christian’s hands were doing the inventory instead of his eyes from fifty feet away. Tingles erupted across every inch of his skin and his balls tightened like he was about to come. Adam forced his arms not to move even though he wanted to cover himself.
Two days ago, he’d have whipped around and marched into the cafeteria, but today he couldn’t seem to make his feet obey. And as bad as he wanted to believe it was because he didn’t want to leave Zach alone, an unsettling feeling told him there was another reason.
One he was going to have to explore in the darkness of his room later tonight.
Zach huffed and strolled back to Adam, a bizarre swing in his hips. Adam could have slapped him. No one walks like that. Not even hookers. Good shit he had his work cut out for him.
Zach brushed past Adam and through the double doors at the end of the hallway. Adam still stood in the echoing expanse of hallway. Somewhere in the darkness to his left, Christian watched.
He turned slowly and forced his hips not to swing even one inch.

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