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Beharangozó - Jennifer DiGiovanni: My Senior Year of Awesome {Nyereményjáték}


Ezúttal egy ma megjelent YA romantikus történet beharangozóját hoztam! A bejegyzésben egy rövid részletet is találtok a könyvből, valamint egy nemzetközi giveawayben Amazon ajándékkártyát és ebook példányt nyerhettek.


Egy lány kétségbeesetten próbál elkerülni egy fiút, akit a végzős osztály megszavazott a srácnak, akihez a legszívesebben hozzámennének. Hogy bizonyítsa, ezeknek a szavazásoknak semmi értelme, ő és legjobb barátja megalkotják a saját listájukat döbbenetes középiskolai célokkal, amiket teljesíteniük kell a ballagásig.

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Exkluzív részlet

I pull the latest version of Fill It In from my backpack and crack the spine to loosen the pages. Jana squeals and grabs it out of my hands. She starts flipping through three hundred and sixty-five new lists, every single page offering blank lines begging for completion. Twenty-five Strange and Random Facts about Me. Top Ten Food Cravings on Sunday Mornings. Fifteen Unique Hot Dog Toppings I Want to Try. Stuff like that.
“I’ve been so waiting for this. What’s today’s assignment?” Jana twists away from me, prepping for the big reveal. “Ahem. Drum roll, please. Coolest Baby Names for the 21st Century. Dibs on girls.”
At least coming up with insane celebrity-worthy child names will divert my attention from the whole Senior Superlative mess. To avoid morning announcements, I excuse myself and hide in the bathroom until the bell rings. For the rest of the morning, while everyone stares and whispers about me and my future betrothed, Jana and I devote ourselves to baby-name research, hiding our iPhones under contraptions built with tented folders and notebooks.
By the time we meet for lunch, we’ve each devised an alphabetical list of names and favorited our top ten. “I like Abileen, Olivia, and Whitney,” she says, dropping into the seat next to mine at our usual table. A dreamy look floats in her eyes as she imagines her future mini-me. Pretty little Abileen, with her mother’s silky brown hair and coffee-colored eyes. Jana’s mother is French, her father Cuban, and their genetic combination sparked my best friend’s flawless complexion. Also, years of braces and faithful retainer-wearing have shaped Jana’s perfect smile, which she now flashes my way, apparently satisfied with her mentally crafted reproduction.
“So, what did you come up with for your future son’s name?” she asks.
Jana’s eyes grow wide. “Chase? That’s a verb, not a name.”
“It’s also a noun, meaning pursuit.”
“Okay, Chase it is.” Jana carefully scribes my top boy’s name in the book. “Does Andy agree with your choice?”
I toss my empty Gatorade bottle at her head, but she ducks away, laughing.
Anyway, unlucky Chase will probably inherit my boring brown hair, a few shades short of blond, and my light brown eyes, more cafe latte compared to Jana’s straight espresso. Also, I pray Chase won’t have my high forehead because boys really can’t cover up that particular physical trait with fringe bangs.
“Check tomorrow’s assignment.” I’m more than ready to drop the subject of baby names and potential husbands. “We can start a rough draft tonight and finalize it in homeroom tomorrow.”
Jana flips the page. “It’s an awesome achievement list. The top ten things you’ve done to make your life bigger and better.”

A szerzőről:

Jennifer szabadúszó író és YA szerző. Amikor épp nem ír, olvas, valamilyen lakásberendezős projekten dolgozik vagy próbálja elérni a napi célját Fitbiten. A My Senior Year of Awesome az első regénye.



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