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Hallgasd Hétfőn - A teljes Grindelwald bűntettei soundtrack

Ezen a héten sem marad el a Hallgasd Hétfőn rovat!

Megérkezett végre a Legendás állatok: Grindelwald bűntettei teljes soundtrackje, amit hallgathatunk is.

A lista:

00:00 The Thestral Chase
08:04 Newt and Leta
10:37 Dumbledore
12:48 The Kelpie
14:21 Newt and Jacob Pack for Paris
16:47 Nagini
21:03 Newt Tracks Tina
23:31 Queenie Searches for Jacob
25:06 Irma and the Obscurus
28:03 Blood Pact
30:32 Capturing the Zouwu
32:05 Traveling to Hogwarts
33:11 Leta’s Flashback
37:51 Salamander Eyes
40:30 Matagots
42:45 Your Story Is Our Story
46:08 Leta’s Confession
51:22 Vision of War
55:12 Spread the Word
59:13 Wands into the Earth
01:03:18 Restoring Your Name
01:09:38 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
01:12:19 Dumbledore’s Theme (Solo Piano)
01:13:47 Fantastic Beasts Theme (Solo Piano)
01:15:24 Leta’s Theme (Solo Piano)

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