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Leleplezték Abbi Glines új YA kötetének borítóját

2018 áprilisában érkezik Abbi Glines új önálló YA kötete, az As She Fades, aminek tegnap leleplezték a borítóját!


Először csak baleset volt. Ami utána következett viszont mindent megváltoztatott. 
A gimis ballagása éjszakáján Vale McKinley és a pasija, Crawford szörnyű autóbalesetet szenvednek. Azzal kellett volna tölteniük a nyarat, hogy a főiskolát tervezgetik meg a boldog, lehetőségekkel teli nyarat. Együtt. Ehelyett Vale a végtelen napokat kórházban tölti, és csak reménykedhet, hogy Crawford felébred a kómából. 
Slate Allen, Vale bátyjának fősulis haverja haldokló nagybátyját jön meglátogatni ugyanebbe a kórházba. Amikor ő és Vale találkoznak, a lány sem tagadhatja a tiltott vonzalmat. Próbálja figyelmen kívül hagyni az érzelmeit, de nem tud ellenállni Slate sármjának. Szépen lassan óvatos barátság szövődik közöttük.
Aztán Crawford felébred... és nem emlékszik sem Vale-re, sem a kapcsolatukra. Összetört szívvel Vale végül elmegy a főiskolára és továbblép az életével. Kivéve, hogy most már Slate területén van, a történetük pedig igen furcsa fordulatot vesz. 

Egy részletet is megosztottak belőle, angolul tudók előnyben:

The smell of summer evenings always made me feel happy. Since I was a girl, it was the reminder that school was over and adventure awaited. Swimming in the lake, playing basketball with my older brothers, and of course our annual family vacation. However, this year it meant freedom. A new life, a new beginning. For me and Crawford.

I glanced over at him driving and the warmth in my chest grew at the sight of him. We had been together since we were kids. First as friends, and then it grew into more as we got older. Today we had walked across the large stage set in the center of our high school football field and received our diplomas. We were graduates. Finally.

“Still seems hard to believe it’s over. High school,” I added for clarification. Although I was sure he would understand what I meant.

He cut his eyes toward me and the corner of his lips curved up just enough for his eyes to sparkle the way they did when he was amused or pleased. “It’s not over. It’s just beginning, V. Our life will be exactly like we planned it.”

I wanted to believe that. We were going to the same college. Crawford had a scholarship for football. A full ride. It wasn’t my first choice for school but I wanted to be where he was. We had never been apart.

“Everyone seemed almost scared tonight. Like they were drinking and partying to forget the fact we’re adults now. This is it.”

Crawford shrugged. “I bet most of them are terrified. They don’t all have plans like we do. They have to decide what’s next.”

He was right, of course. He always was. One of the things I loved about Crawford was his confidence. He didn’t worry and back away from a problem. He faced it head-on and took control. I felt safe with him, like he would always have the answer I needed.

His hand reached over and covered mine. “Our life is going to be amazing. College is going to be just what we need. To get out of this town but not too far away. We can spread our wings and still come home to visit easily enough. You’re going to love it.”

And I believed him. My mind was playing through all the fun things we would see and do. Excitement for what was to come bubbled up in me and I was so ready for August to arrive.

Our favorite song came on the radio and Crawford turned it up and began to sing along with his off-key voice. He was a terrible singer, but he knew it made me laugh so he did it often. Joy swelled up in me for the life I had, so strong it was hard to contain it. I began to laugh as he hit another bad note. This was my life and I loved it.

It was then that Crawford slammed on the brakes and the world began spinning. The smell of burning rubber and the violent screeching of wheels took away all my other thoughts. Dreams vanished in that instant. Completely.

Excerpt from As She Fades by Abbi Glines. © 2018 by Abbi Glines. To be published by Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Book Group.

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